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JKM western furniture

Most prominent western furniture designer and manufacturer in North America, with western furniture sittings in homes, stores, ranches, restaurants, across the globe.

Jorge Kurczyn Montalvo luxury western furniture is setting the standard for North American Western furniture future.

Who is Jorge Kurczyn? Jorge Kurczyn Montalvo was born in San Benito, TX, his father was from Mexico and his mother from Texas so he was raise in both countries. Started designing western furniture in the 1990s for a manufacture Hacienda Santa Klara. He's passion for western furniture started one day, after researching Western art for inspiration for a new furniture line, he came across the Academy Award-winning movie, "Giant," starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean (This is a "must see" cinema) if you are a western fan. A few minutes into the movie he immediately realized the impressiveness of the rich and unique furniture in the "Giant" movie set. To this day he considerer this theme the bases to western furniture, he still watches the movie "Giant" for inspiration.

Jorge KM western furniture designs becomes a very passionate affair with the North America western culture. The western furniture manufacture by us, is for the western culture looking for unique styles and quality construction

The Zoila-Elisa bed. A beautiful elegant bed with a western color develop by us with a twist. As innovators We are always creating new furniture designs and colors.

This luxury Crows Nest Trading Co. turquoise bed design and manufacturing by us, truly represents the craftsmanship of JKM western furniture.

Built with 300-year-old reclaim wood with all natural markings. The carving patterns were designed to add an elegant Western touch. The copper conchos represent the mix with Western and Santa Fe, the conchos are actually silver plated, the staining is a third stage process.

JKM western furniture designs offers a wide variety of quality bar stools. Not only are they guaranteed to last but are as very comfortable. Can be customize to your needs. Built with steel coils, swivel springs loaded 180 degrees, and hand forged iron accesories.


  • Built from 100% kiln dry wood stock.
  • 100% Handcrafted joinery, mortise & tenon and blind, tenon & through, dado, dovetail, tongue & groove.
  • 100% Hand carved with manual tools.
  • 100% In-house colors and hand stained.
  • 100% Copper hand hammered, tooled from original designs.
  • For more details information visit our youtube channel Jorge Kurczyn

Western Furniture History. So what do they consider western furniture theme in today's Northe American Western market?, just because adding a cowhide on the back of a chair, or builts a bed with barn wood, with a Lasso around the trim it's consider western furniture?.

Manufacturers and retailers that are trying to tap the western furniture market. They create anything to convert their imports into a so-called "western furniture".

Without thinking about it we are setting the standards for what we consider to be LUXURY WESTERN FURNITURE" for today's elegant "WESTERN CULTURE". Our new line on the drawing board "Vaquero furniture" will be coming out this fall. This western furniture line is being designed to take the western theme "over the top" with beautiful gorgeous leather. So register with us, will send you new updates on new designs and furniture. Follow Jorge Kurczyn M on Facebook, and tell us what you think!. We look forward to doing business with you.


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